Friday, September 8, 2017

Back In Session!

(Note: lots of material below)

The very first Great Outdoors track day was spent indoors, as the outdoor conditions were unhealthy. The county has been deluged with smoke from area forest fires and all outdoor activities for students, including sports, have been curtailed. As you can see in the photos below, even the surrounding mountains have disappeared from view.

So the JH track students and the Great Outdoors track students combined to share guest speakers. Here is Sandy Compton, a member of the Friends of Scotchman Peak, discussing wilderness trail building and maintenance. 

And some opportunities to give off some energy until the other guest speakers arrive. Here's Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Olmstead leading a game of indoor soccer baseball.

Lori Williams, a former hot shot (parachuting) forest fire fighter shared her experiences.

A conservation officer, Officer Haag, shared about his work and how he got into law enforcement. He also brought along his dog, who works with him at crime scenes. 

Combined Outdoor Track and JH Track students

Officer Haag with his wife Becky Haag (who is the CFHS science teacher and the Great Outdoor Track leader) with the now family pet 

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