Friday, September 16, 2016

Survival In The Amazon Jungle!

You're in the Amazon Jungle and you have only three resources: two pieces of wood and a length of rope. You need to reach across a raging river, full of piranhas, crocodiles, and anacondas, to reach a can on the other side that has the keys to your Jeep. And the Jeep means a return to civilization. How do you do it? To find out see the videos of team building exercises below. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Judy's Place, Sept. 9

The Skunk Apes, Sasquatch, and Yeti were all back in action today as they spent the day at Judy's Place. They worked through some leadership skill training and then learned to use Pulaskis---a great Idaho invention. 

Leaders for the day were Regan, Suzanne, and Tera of Kaniksu Land Trust and Sandy with Friends of Scotchman Peak. Students will later this month hike up to Scotchman Peak. 

Regan with students

Team building exercise

Students taking notes

Tera with students

Suzanne with students

Mr. Mac pointing the way...

"Judy's Place"

Sandy explaining how to use a pulaski

Kelsi trimming a tree

Students practicing how to use of a pulaski

Bryce in action

Group photo

The Great Outdoors Track Resumes

Here are students getting ready for the bus, which is taking them out to Judy's Place, for their first Great Outdoors Track experience of the new year. Stay tuned for updates. 

They're actually working on a mutually-agreed alarm call in case someone get's lost in the woods.