Thursday, October 1, 2015

Special Wampus Cat News: Thank you!

Wampus Cat Shout-Out:

Dennison with SOLE
    -Thank you for the leadership days.  The kids learned a lot and are applying the skills taught in our other adventures!

Dani with Schweitzer Mtn.
    -We had an awesome hike up to Colburn Lake.  Thank you for facilitating our day and we are looking forward to many more days on the mountain!

Jim with U of I (Idah2o)
    -Thank you for your presentation and field day expertise.  The teachers and students learned valuable skills and will soon earn our Master Water Steward Certification.

Ranger Mallet of Farragut State Park
    -Awesome tour of the "Brig" at the park.  We learned a lot of great Idaho History and were happy to help out scraping paint!  Thanks again for allowing us to come visit.

Regan with Kaniksu
    -Thank you for all your hard work.  We are looking forward to our Kaniksu Days at Judy's Place.  We know you are spending a lot of time preparing and we appreciate it! See you soon.

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