Monday, September 21, 2015

Friday 9/18 Leadership Cont. and IDAH2O Master Water Stewardship Training

Friday Morning:
We met with Dennison Webb of SOLE to extend our Leadership Training.  A major focus is placed on each student to enhance the group dynamic.  Whether we are leaders or helpers, our attitude and focus is placed on the needs of the groups.  Sometimes we lead and sometimes we support the leaders.

Friday Afternoon:
Mr. Jim Ekans of the University of Idaho gave a presentation to our students about the Idah2o Master Water Stewards Program.  Each student and teacher will conduct water experiments, perform assessments, and share data of two sites this Fall; Colburn Lake (Schweitzer Mtn.) and Lightening Creek (Clark Fork).  All participants will earn certification!  Thanks for helping us with this program Jim!

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